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Carver Amplifiers

Robert Carver is the man behind Carver amplifiers. Carver is an engineer and physicist. He applied his knowledge as an engineer and physicist to make what we know today as Carver amplifiers.

In 1972 he designed the most powerful amplifier called Phase Linear 700. By imitating audio sounds of expensive amplifiers is the key in making Carver amplifiers. This made Carver amplifiers affordable for all consumers.

Patent 4,218,585 described Sonic holography that is use in making Carver amplifiers. Sonic holography is known for its three dimensional sound. Having Carver amplifiers is like owning expensive branded amplifiers.

Just like other amplifiers, Carver amplifiers have external processor control, high pass and low pass for loudness, and infrasonic filter. For better quality sounds, Carver amplifiers also have separate treble and bass control for two channels-left and right. If you are looking for amplifiers, Carver amplifiers are perfect especially if you are in a tight budget.